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Website Design and Development

by John Pepp created on August 16, 2015 5:17 PM updated on December 26, 2015 1:02 PM

Does your company or personal website need a Content Management System (CMS), an Online Calendar with a booking feature, or a Custom Application? Look no further than Pepster's Place, a website design and development company, which is located in the Metropolitan Detroit Area in Southeastern Michigan. Pepster's Place is able to design and develop for any company located anywhere in the World. Websites are design/developed in HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), Ajax and PHP using Object-Oriented Programming with responsive design in mind. Responsive websites look just as good on a smart phone, tablet or PC and have the same functionality on any device.
Pepster's Place doesn't use PHP Frameworks; however, it offers a nice PHP Object-Oriented Programming library that enables the development phase of the website to be shorten considerably. This enables your website to go live earlier or able to spend more time on the design phase of the website. Security is important! Pepster's Place uses the latest PHP programming techniques, using reliable 3rd Party Companies (online shopping cart for example) when needed, and always keeping up with the latest security issues that is in the news.